Linking two accounts

Q: How can I connect (or link) two accounts together?

A: To connect two or more accounts, please follow the steps below:

1. Ensure you are logged into your main account.
2. Accept the email invitation or Send (“Save and Invite”) and Accept the invitation from the user profile you wish to connect your main account to (refer to relevant FAQ).

Once accepted, the new account will automatically connect to your main account.

TIP: To switch between accounts, either click directly on the left toolbar, or use the drop-down in the top left corner of your dashboard.

Deleting Volunteers

Q: How do I delete volunteers in Charity Republic?

A. Supervisors and administrators can choose to delete volunteers in Charity Republic if there is no need to keep their information on-hand. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the Volunteers tab from the menu on the left
  2. Locate the volunteer you wish to delete either by scrolling through your volunteer list or using the search bar
  3. Select the volunteer you wish to delete to access their profile
  4. Click the Delete button near the top right corner of the profile to delete the account

Q: What if I delete a volunteer profile by accident?

A. If you accidentally delete a volunteer, contact us at info [at] as soon as you can and we will do our best to restore the account for you.

Bulk Inviting Volunteers

Q: Can I invite multiple volunteers to register with Charity Republic at once?

A: Yes, administrators have the ability to send a batch invite selected volunteers.

– Select the batch button on the main Volunteers tab (top right)
– A list of all active volunteers will appear with the option to check markselect all the volunteers you would like to invite
When you have checked off all of the desired volunteers, click the send button in the top right to send out email invitations

Removing or Deleting Volunteers

Q: How do I delete a volunteer from Charity Republic?

A: To delete a volunteer:

– Select the delete buttob button in the volunteer’s profile (top right)
– A confirmation pop-up box will appear
Click OK to delete the profile

NOTE: Once a volunteer’s account has been deleted, all of the information associated with the profile will also be deleted.

Q: Can I disable access for a volunteer but still keep their demographic information?

A:  Yes, you have the ability to revoke access for a volunteer so that they no longer have the ability to log in or view/edit their profile.

– Select the revoke access button in the volunteer’s profile (General tab)
– A confirmation pop-up box will appear
Click OK to revoke the volunteer’s access

NOTE: By revoking access for a volunteer, a volunteer will no longer be able to log into their account, but you will still be able to view and edit their profile.


Q: Is there a way to track a volunteer’s availability?

A: An organization can track detailed availability for scheduling via the Availability section (in a volunteer’s profile).

1. Select Availability icon availability (along top of volunteer’s profile)
2. Select Plus symbolsymbol (top right) to track new availability
3. Select the dates range and select if that the volunteer is available or unavailable.
avai vs unavai
4. Use the Description to add any specific comments or notes about the times the volunteer can be scheduled
5.  Click the Timeslots on the left to indicate the different days and times they can volunteer
7. Make sure to click Save! Save button

NOTE: You can run a report on the availability of all your volunteers.

You can also add a more general date ranges to indicate whether a volunteer is available or unavailable. Under time slots you can indicate the different times a volunteer is available (i.e. Monday Morning, Tuesday Afternoon)


NOTE: Morning is considered anytime before 12:00PM. Afternoon is from 12:00PM-6:00PM. Evening is anytime after 6:00PM.



A client is defined by your organization. For instance, a client could be a refugee family or a client could be a senior who received visits from volunteers.

Q: How do I add a new Client?

A: Visit the main Organization tab (i.e. select your organization’s name along the left-hand side) Happy Good Charity Centre to set up your organization’s Clients.

  1. Select the Clients icon along the top clients
  2. Select thePlus symbolbutton (top right) to add a new client or group (e.g.
  3. Enter the Name of the client, company or group
  4. Attatch any Addresses, Contacts or Notes to a client
  5. Save buttonthe information

NOTE: The start and end date in the organization section represents the dates they were a client with the organization.

Q: How do I link a Volunteer to a Client?

A: Visit the main Volunteers section Volunteers Tab and select a volunteer.

  1. Select the Clients icon clients(top)
  2. Select thePlus symbolbutton (top right) to select or assign a new client
  3. Select a Client from the drop-down (this client would have been created via the Organization section)
  4. Add the start and end date if applicable
  5. Save buttonthe information

NOTE: The start and end date in a volunteer profile represents the dates they were assigned to a client. You can add and attach an unlimited number of Clients to a volunteer. Simply select thePlus symbolbutton (top right) to add another client.

Tracking Financial Contributions

Q. How do I track a volunteer’s financial contributions in their Charity Republic profile?

A: Within the volunteer’s profile, navigate to the ‘Demographics’ tab along the left-hand side navigation – immediately following the ‘Referral’ field, you are given the ability to note whether a volunteer is a Donor, Fundraiser, Sponsor (or all three!).


TIP: You can generate a report to track all of your volunteers’ financial contributions using the ‘Volunteer Demographics’ Report.

Volunteer Registration and Sign Up

Q: How do I register as a volunteer with Charity Republic?

The organization you volunteer for will send you an email inviting a volunteer to register an account with Charity Republic. Both the subject line and the message will include the name of the organization you are volunteering for.

click here

  1. Select the Accept link in the email message (outlined in red here). This takes you to a Charity Republic registration right here
  2. Ignore the fields where you can enter a username and password. These are for existing users. Below this is the option to create an account.
  3. Select Create your account button for volunteers, Charity Republic button (outlined in red) to create an account with your own username and password. You will then be taken to the volunteer registration page.Register as a Volunteer page, Charity Republic
  4. Select Register button button after entering your details. You will automatically be signed in and you can start using Charity Republic right away.

NOTE: This is the username and password you will use to log in moving forward. The Log In page is accessible via Charity Republic’s home page.

NOTE: A volunteer can’t register directly on Charity Republic (i.e. via the Register button on our home page; that’s the registration page for organizations). Volunteers must receive an email invitation to register an account (as per instructions above).

NOTE: A volunteer can register with a different email then the email used for the invitation. You can check the General tab on the volunteer’s profile to view the email used when signing up.

Click here to download this information as a PDF document to share with your volunteers.

Emergency Contacts

Q: Can I add an emergency contact for a Volunteer?

A: Yes, you are able to add multiple contacts for a volunteer including an emergency contact(s).

  • To add a new contact, select a volunteer, then select the Contacts tab in the volunteer’s profile
  • Click add contact, then select the contact type (Emergency) from the drop down menu. Add the contact name and relevant contact information (e.g. phone number, email address) Emergency


Q: Can I attach a file to a volunteer’s profile?

A: Yes, you are able to add multiple attachments (e.g. photos, resumes) to a volunteer’s profile in the Attachment section as well as in the Achievements section.

  •  To add a new attachment, select a volunteer, then select the Attachment icon Attatchmentsor Achievement icon Achivemnetsd
  • Click the plus symbolPlus symbolto add a new attachment in the Attachment section Attatchments OR select the Attachments tab in the Achievement section Achivemnetsd
  • Select the Choose File button to add the desired attachment and add a brief description about the attachment
    choose attatch

NOTE: There is no storage limit for attachments, although an individual attachment (i.e. one file) must be under 25MB in size.