Comments / Notes

Q: Is there a comment section or notes section?

A: There is a Notes section Comments and Notes section in a volunteer’s profile. Organizations can add multiple notes (no limit) and make them private or public (i.e. viewable by the volunteer). By default, notes are private (i.e. the note cannot be viewed by volunteers).

To add a note, select the Notes section Comments and Notes section and click on thePlus symbolsymbol (top right). Enter a Subject line (e.g. HR Issues) and type in your comment.
Save buttonthe note when complete.

Notes page, volunteer profile

Q: Can volunteers see comments in their profile?

A: By default, notes are private so only Administrators and Supervisors can view notes. However, you can click the “public” check box to allow the comment to be viewed by a volunteer.

Notes page, volunteer profile with box circled

Q: Can I add more than one comment or note for a volunteer?

A: Absolutely, there is no limit on how many Comments or Notes you add, organizations can add as many notes as they wish.