Bulk Inviting Volunteers

Q: Can I invite multiple volunteers to register with Charity Republic at once?

A: Yes, administrators have the ability to send a batch invite selected volunteers.

– Select the batch button on the main Volunteers tab (top right)
– A list of all active volunteers will appear with the option to check markselect all the volunteers you would like to invite
When you have checked off all of the desired volunteers, click the send button in the top right to send out email invitations

Removing or Deleting Volunteers

Q: How do I delete a volunteer from Charity Republic?

A: To delete a volunteer:

– Select the delete buttob button in the volunteer’s profile (top right)
– A confirmation pop-up box will appear
Click OK to delete the profile

NOTE: Once a volunteer’s account has been deleted, all of the information associated with the profile will also be deleted.

Q: Can I disable access for a volunteer but still keep their demographic information?

A:  Yes, you have the ability to revoke access for a volunteer so that they no longer have the ability to log in or view/edit their profile.

– Select the revoke access button in the volunteer’s profile (General tab)
– A confirmation pop-up box will appear
Click OK to revoke the volunteer’s access

NOTE: By revoking access for a volunteer, a volunteer will no longer be able to log into their account, but you will still be able to view and edit their profile.

Volunteer Registration and Sign Up

Q: How do I register as a volunteer with Charity Republic?

The organization you volunteer for will send you an email inviting a volunteer to register an account with Charity Republic. Both the subject line and the message will include the name of the organization you are volunteering for.

click here

  1. Select the Accept link in the email message (outlined in red here). This takes you to a Charity Republic registration page.click right here
  2. Ignore the fields where you can enter a username and password. These are for existing users. Below this is the option to create an account.
  3. Select Create your account button for volunteers, Charity Republic button (outlined in red) to create an account with your own username and password. You will then be taken to the volunteer registration page.Register as a Volunteer page, Charity Republic
  4. Select Register button button after entering your details. You will automatically be signed in and you can start using Charity Republic right away.

NOTE: This is the username and password you will use to log in moving forward. The Log In page is accessible via Charity Republic’s home page.

NOTE: A volunteer can’t register directly on Charity Republic (i.e. via the Register button on our home page; that’s the registration page for organizations). Volunteers must receive an email invitation to register an account (as per instructions above).

NOTE: A volunteer can register with a different email then the email used for the invitation. You can check the General tab on the volunteer’s profile to view the email used when signing up.

Click here to download this information as a PDF document to share with your volunteers.

Inviting Volunteers, Supervisors, and Administrators

Q: How do I add a new Volunteer, Supervisor or Administrator to use Charity Republic?

A: An organization can add volunteers by clicking on the Volunteers tab Volunteers Tab then selecting the “+” icon and selecting Create Volunteer or Create Administrator or Create Supervisor. Simply add the following information to create a new profile:

  • Name: First Name and Last Name of the volunteer.
  • Status: The status of the volunteer (e.g. Active, Pending Approval).
  • Started: The date the volunteer started to volunteer with your organization.

General Tab

Q: How do I invite a Volunteer or Supervisor to use Charity Republic?

An organization can invite volunteers, supervisors, or administrators to use Charity Republic by selecting the Save and Invite button Save and Invite button, Charity Republicon the volunteer’s profile (top right) 

The following screen will appear. Enter the email address here (the email address will autopopulate if an email address has already been added to the volunteer’s General profile).

Email Invitation to Volunter, Charity Republic

When the Send button is selected, they will receive an email invitation to create a Charity Republic account.

Q: What does a Volunteer and Supervisor invitation look like?

When a volunteer has been invited to use Charity Republic, they will receive an email message as follows.

Volunteer email invitation text, Charity Republic

Both the subject line and the message will include the name of your organization (e.g. Happy Good Charity Centre).

The volunteer simply selects the Accept link to create a volunteer account with their own username and password.


A volunteer’s username appears in the General tab (first tab on left) of their volunteer profile.

Also, we can upload your volunteers for you. Simply fill out the excel template we provide and share it with us for uploading (it takes 5 minutes on our end)!

Q: How do I know if a Volunteer has accepted the invitation?

A:  Select a volunteer. At the bottom of the General tab (first tab on left), it will indicate whether the volunteer has accepted the invitation.

Volunteer has not accepted invitation, General Tab

Q: Can we just add a Volunteer without inviting them to use Charity Republic?
– What if a Volunteer does not have an email address?
– If we don’t invite the Volunteer, are we responsible for adding all of the Volunteer’s information?

A: It’s your choice as a coordinator whether to invite a volunteer to use Charity Republic or not. Perhaps some of your volunteers are not tech savvy, or you prefer to have full control over a volunteer’s profile.

There are several options for updating a volunteer’s profile if you prefer not to invite them to use Charity Republic:

  • We can bulk upload volunteers and relevant profile information for you. In case you need help uploading your existing volunteers into Charity Republic, we can share the Excel template with you.
  • Volunteers can update their profile information when they arrive for orientation (e.g. on a work computer)
  • A Volunteer Manager can request a volunteer to share the necessary profile information and it can be manually added to a volunteer’s profile

You also have the ability to invite a segment of your volunteers (e.g. youth, volunteers that are comfortable with technology). Either way, the Administrator and Supervisor will have access to all Volunteer Profile information for editing if required.

Q: What if my Volunteer does not have an email but I still want them to manage their own profile?

A: The Administrator or Supervisor can send the volunteer invitation to themselves and create an account for volunteers in this situation.

– Select the Save and Invite button Save and Invite button, Charity Republicin the volunteer’s profile (top right)
– Enter your email address and select Send
– You will receive an email invitation
– Accept the invitation and register as a volunteer

NOTE: Ensure that the Administrator or Supervisor is logged out of their account before “Accepting” the email invitation.  Otherwise, the volunteer will be linked to the Administrator or Supervisor account.

Q: What happens if my volunteer registers as an organization (Administrator) instead of as a volunteer?

A: When a volunteer registers as an organization, simply send your volunteer an invitation (see instructions above). The volunteer can then click on the link in the email invitation and instead of registering for another account, they can log in using the same username and password they originally created.

Q: What happens if my Volunteer or Supervisor did not receive the invitation?

A: It’s not common for email invitations to be marked as junk, but sometimes they can get caught through spam filters and go to Junk folders. Please have your volunteer double check their Junk folder. If there is a Search function in the volunteer’s email client, they can also search on “noreply@charityrepublic.com” to locate the email. Finally, a volunteer can add “noreply@charityrepublic.com” to a Safe Senders List so that it does not get blocked in the future.