Icon Guide

Icon Name Description
plus Create/New “+” (plus) symbol is used add something new (e.g. new volunteers, new shift, new opportunity)
help Help Menu A question mark will appear on all pages as a help menu for the page. Click to review.
message Messages/Inbox Communicate with your volunteers in the messaging section. Select the Message icon > select the “+” symbol to compose a message > select the recipients > enter a subject and message > and hit Send.
notifications Notifications Notifications appear here, including shift requests, hour submissions, birthdays and anniversaries.
Availble Positions Positions Add or assign positions within your organization here.

Select the: Department, Site, Supervisor and Description associated with the position

Or, select the opportunity that the position is associated with in order to create a position within the system.

Site icon Sites Add sites and include general information such as name of the site, a description, address information and contact information for the site.
Attatchments Attachments


Add attachments here, such as a volunteer’s resume.
Comments and Notes section Comments/Notes


Add private or open notes here.

Notes are by default private so only Administrators and Supervisors can see the note.

These is the option to make the comment viewable by a volunteer.

 Hours Hours A volunteer or volunteer manager can add hours, either as a shift or block of hours. Add a description and skills learned then Save or “Save and Submit” hours for approval.
 Achivemnetsd Achievements Add Achievements for a volunteer including police checks, certifications and awards. Create custom achievements via the Organization tab.
 Scheduled Volunteers Scheduled Volunteers View scheduled volunteers and whether they accepted or declined a shift.
 Availble Positions Available Positions Indicates how many volunteers are needed and how many volunteers are scheduled and confirmed their shift.