Dates and Times

TIP: Entering Dates and Times

There are multiple ways to optimally use the date and time fields. You can type in a specific date (dd/mm/yyyy), select the calendar icon Calendar icon, or use arrows to scroll between days, months, and years.

For example, click on the year (it will be highlighted gray) and type in the desired year or scroll up and down using your arrow keys to move from one year to another.



Q: How does an organization or volunteer record hours?

A: An organization and volunteer can record hours via the Hours section (in a volunteer’s profile).

1. Select Hours iconHours(along top of volunteer’s profile)
2. Select Plus symbolsymbol (top right) to add hours
3. Select Position field
– This is the position the hours are affiliated with. Note: volunteers can have multiple positions within an organization.
4. Select the Type of hours to be recorded, either a Shift or Block of hours
– If a Shift, then record the date and specific times volunteered (Duration will be autocalculated)
– If a Block, then record the date range and number of hours volunteered (in the Duration field)
5. Enter a Description of the volunteer experience (unlimited space)
6. Record skills learned while volunteering in the Skills section (left-side)
7. Save Save buttonor Save and Submit Save and Submit hourshours and activities for approval. Note, when hours are submitted for approval, they are shared with the Supervisor of the position for approval via the Notifications section.

Q: What is the difference between a Shift and Block of hours?

A Shift represents hours volunteered on a particular day (e.g. 9am to 5pm on Monday).

A Block of hours represents hours volunteered over a period of days, weeks or months (e.g. 20 hours volunteered from May 1 to May 31).

Q: Is there a feature where a supervisor gets a notification to accept or decline hours?

A: Yes, volunteers can submit hours to Supervisors or Administrators for verification. Updates will appear in the notificationsNotifications section (top right) where hours and activities can be accepted or declined.