Role Description Templates

Template role descriptions are available to pre-populate Volunteer Opportunity and Position postings. There are over 500 roles based on the National Occupation Classification (NOC) codes and the work of the Ontario Volunteer Centre Network (OVCN) who have created sector specific role descriptions informed by NOC.

  • When in the Opportunities or Positions section, simply click on the Templates button (top-right) to access all of the role descriptions
  • Search for specific roles (e.g. Fundraiser) using the Search field along the top, then select and review the role description which includes information regarding the affiliated NOC code(s), tasks/activities, skills/competencies, and related occupations
  • Select the Create Opportunity or Create Position button to populate the following fields: Name, Contact, Description in the Volunteer Opportunity or Position postings respectively

Position vs. Volunteer Opportunity

Q: What’s the difference between a Volunteer Opportunity and a Position?

A: A volunteer opportunity is used to recruit new or existing volunteers to volunteer for your organization and the title may be catchy, similar to an advertisement.

A position is the name of an actual volunteer position within the organization and may have a more official and perhaps more detailed internal job description as compared to a volunteer opportunity.

For instance, a public facing volunteer opportunity may not have as much detail or may not contain confidential information about a position (e.g. details related to travel reimbursements).


Q: How do I add a new Position?

A: Visit the main Organization section (i.e. select your organization’s name along the left-hand side) Happy Good Charity Centre to set up your organization’s Positions.

  1. Select the Positions icon Positions
  2. Select thePlus symbolbutton (top right) to create a new position (e.g. Front Desk)
  3. Enter the Name of the position
  4. Select the Department / Program that the position is affiliated with
  5. Select the Site for the position
  6. Select the Supervisor for the position
  7. Enter a Description of the position
  8. Save buttonthe information

NOTE: You can add an unlimited number of positions for your organization. Simply select thePlus symbolbutton (top right) to add another Position.

Q: Can I add multiple positions for a volunteer?

A: Yes, you can add and associated an unlimited number of positions with a volunteer. Simply visit the volunteer’s profile, and select the Position iconPositionsto add a position for that volunteer.

Q: How do I search for a volunteer by position?

A: Please visit the Searching for volunteers section here to learn more.