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Welcome to our Webinar Schedule information page. Below is a schedule of the days and times of our free weekly webinars.

Every Tuesday @ 10:30am – 11:00am EST

Every Thursday @ 2:00pm – 2:30pm EST

This is a live webinar where we walk you through the software from start to finish and answer any questions you may have.

To register for your spot in one of our free webinars, please email us at info@charityrepublic.com

To learn more about our Volunteer Management Software, please visit us at CharityRepublic.com


Charity Republic comes with a messaging system to help you stay in touch with other members of your organization.

Q. How do I access my messages?

A. You can access your messages by clicking on the message icon in the top right corner. Your messages are listed on the left and can be read by clicking them.

Q. How do I send messages?

A. From your message page, click on thePlus symbol icon in the top right corner to create a new message. Select which volunteers you want to send the message to by clicking “Choose volunteers” next to Recipients and checking off the desired volunteer(s). You can add a subject, type out your message, and add attachments as desired. Click Send when you are done. A copy of your message will appear in your inbox.

Each person you sent a message to will receive the message in their Charity Republic account and through their email. When selecting recipients, it will tell you the email address of each recipient.

Q. How do I reply to messages?

A. You can either reply to messages by sending a message back to the original sender through Charity Republic or by replying to the message through your email. Volunteers who do not have a Charity Republic account will only be able to reply to the message they receive in their email.

Q. How do I include my logo in messages?

A. If your organization has a logo, you can include it in your messages by following the steps below:

add logo

  1. Click on your organization’s name from the general menu
  2. Select Logo if you are not automatically brought to the Logo page
  3. Click the “Browse…” button to select the image file of your logo from your computer
  4. Click Save and the logo will now appear in your messages

Note: The logo only appears in messages received through email



Why isn’t a volunteer receiving email invitations?

If a volunteer is not receiving email invitations, there are several possible reasons why:

  • The contact’s email was entered incorrectly   

If the contact’s email has been inputted incorrectly (e.g. spelling errors), then the invitation will not go through. Please ensure that volunteers have provided the correct email address and that there are no errors in spelling.

NOTE: You can confirm a volunteer’s email (and username) via a volunteer profile. To view volunteer profiles, click Volunteers on the left side and search for the volunteer in question.

  • Invitation emails have not been received by a contact or organization 

Emails from “noreply@charityrepublic.com” may be directed to spam filters depending on the email firewall in use by a volunteer. Please ask the volunteer to check their Spam and/or Junk folders and to add “noreply@charityrepublic.com” to a Safe List.

Deleting Volunteers

Q: How do I delete volunteers in Charity Republic?

A. Supervisors and administrators can choose to delete volunteers in Charity Republic if there is no need to keep their information on-hand. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the Volunteers tab from the menu on the left
  2. Locate the volunteer you wish to delete either by scrolling through your volunteer list or using the search bar
  3. Select the volunteer you wish to delete to access their profile
  4. Click the Delete button near the top right corner of the profile to delete the account

Q: What if I delete a volunteer profile by accident?

A. If you accidentally delete a volunteer, contact us at info [at] charityrepublic.com as soon as you can and we will do our best to restore the account for you.

How do volunteers sign up for shifts they are not scheduled for?

Supervisor and administrators can create shifts that have certain positions that need to be filled without scheduling specific volunteers, allowing any volunteer to sign up for these positions. For information on creating shifts, scheduling volunteers, and specifying which positions need to be filled, see our FAQ post here.

Volunteers can sign up for shifts they were not scheduled for by following these steps:

  1. Once the shift has been scheduled, volunteers will be able to access it from the calendar view in their Scheduling tab by clicking on the shift
  2. After clicking the shift, volunteers will then see details about it (eg. start and end time/date), which position(s) the shift requires, and which volunteers (if any) have been scheduledchoosepositions
    • Note: multiple positions and more than one volunteer per position can be requested
  3. Click Sign Up next to the desired role
  4. Volunteers will then have to wait for approval from a supervisor or administrator as indicated by the red textapproval2The shift will also have a red colour in the calendar view while awaiting approvalwait
    • Note: While waiting for approval, the shift will be indicated as taken (as noted by the decrease in positions available for Stand Up) and other volunteers will be unable to sign up for that position unless there are other slots available
    • Note: Each volunteer can only sign up for one position per shift and the Sign Up buttons for all positions will disappear once they have signed up
  5. Once the shift has been approved by a supervisor or administrator, it will appear green in the calendar view accepted2 and the volunteer will see that they have been scheduled upon clicking the shift as indicated by the green text below scheduled

Q: How do supervisors and administrators accept a volunteer sign up?

A. Once a volunteer has signed up for a shift, an administrator or supervisor can Accept or Decline their shift by completing the following steps:

  1. Select the shift in question from the calendar view in the Scheduling tab
  2. Click the Scheduled tab (1) and there will be options to Accept or Decline the volunteer’s shift (2)accept2
  3. Once the shift is accepted or declined, the Status will change to reflect thisaccepted


Scheduling Recurring Shifts

Q: How do I schedule a recurring shift?

  1. Create a new shift by clicking the green plus sign (1) (click here for steps on how to do so) or select a pre-existing shift (2)
  2. If you are creating a new shift, fill out the shift information (e.g. start and end date). For both new and pre-existing shifts, ensure that the start and end date is the same or else the recurring shift will not function properly.same
  3. Click the Recurring tab (outlined in red)
    • Note: If you selected a pre-existing shift and it is not the original shift, there will be a prompt you can click to take you to the original which you can then edit
  4. Once in the Recurring tab, you check the “this shift repeats” box (1, see image below).
  5. Select the frequency with which you want the shift to repeat from the dropdown menu (2). You can have shifts repeat across days, weeks, or months.
  6. In days and weeks, you can select what days of the week a shift repeats (3).
  7. You can select an End Date for your duplicating shifts or have them continue to appear on your schedule indefinitely (4)
  8. Check the box below the Ending date if you would like the position requirements to apply to all recurring shifts (e.g. if you need 5 volunteers for a particular position and that requirements applies to current and future recurring shifts)  Include position requirements, Charity Republic
  9. Select the Save button button
  10. A pop-up will ask if you want changes to apply to this shift or all future shifts. Select “This and future shifts” to apply changes made to this shift to subsequent shifts nowandforever
  11. You will then be taken back to the calendar view where you will see your recurring shifts scheduled

Q: How do I edit recurring shifts?

A: To edit recurring shifts you complete the following steps:

  1. Select the desired shift. If it is not the original you will be prompted to edit the original
    • Note: Click Edit Original if you want to make changes that affect all recurring shifts, otherwise edit the duplicate shift if you only want to make changes to that shift
  2. Make the necessary changes to the shift (e.g. what days of the week it repeats, start and end times)
  3. Click Save
  4. A pop-up will ask if you want the changes to apply to this shift or this shift and future shiftsnowandforever
    • Select “This shift” if you want the changes to apply only to the shift you are editing
    • Select “This and future shifts” if you want the changes to apply to this shift and subsequent recurring shifts (again note that you have to be editing the original for changes to apply to all recurring shifts)
    • Note: This pop-up only appears with recurring shifts. Recurring shifts are indicated by a checkmark in the “This shift repeats” box in the upper left corner of the Recurring tab repeat
  5. Click OK

Q: How do I delete recurring shifts?

A: You can delete either all recurring shifts or just one shift

To delete all recurring shifts you:

  1. Select the desired shift and click the Recurring tab to see if it prompts you to edit the original shift
  2. Click Edit Original
  3. Once you are looking at the original shift, click Delete (top right) and select “This and future shifts” in the pop-updelete
  4. Click Ok

To delete one shift you:

  1. Select the desired shift
  2. Click Delete (top right)
  3. Select “This Shift” in the pop-up that appears delete
  4. Click OK
    • Note: if you delete the original shift the next shift will become the original

How do I change someone to a volunteer, supervisor, or administrator?

Administrators can change volunteers, supervisors, and administrators to different positions (eg. change a supervisor to an administrator). To do so, you:

  1. Search for the person whose position you want to change
  2. Select their account
  3. Select the drop down menu in the top right (next to the lock icon) and change their position as needed


The dropdown menu (pictured above) will state the person’s current position.

Why don’t my Dashboard statistics match my records?

If you are on your dashboard, you may notice a mismatch between the statistics shown and your records. Note that when you are on your dashboard, it defaults to the last month of data. There is a drop down menu in the top right where you can select how far back you want to view your statistics (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 4 years, 5 years).

Note, there is also a report that presents similar information. To access it, click on the Reports tab on the left side menu and select the Engagement Statistics report.