Inviting Volunteers, Supervisors, and Administrators

Q: How do I add a new Volunteer, Supervisor or Administrator to use Charity Republic?

A: An organization can add volunteers by clicking on the Volunteers tab Volunteers Tab then selecting the “+” icon and selecting Create Volunteer or Create Administrator or Create Supervisor. Simply add the following information to create a new profile:

  • Name: First Name and Last Name of the volunteer.
  • Status: The status of the volunteer (e.g. Active, Pending Approval).
  • Started: The date the volunteer started to volunteer with your organization.

General Tab

Q: How do I invite a Volunteer or Supervisor to use Charity Republic?

An organization can invite volunteers, supervisors, or administrators to use Charity Republic by selecting the Save and Invite button Save and Invite button, Charity Republicon the volunteer’s profile (top right) 

The following screen will appear. Enter the email address here (the email address will autopopulate if an email address has already been added to the volunteer’s General profile).

Email Invitation to Volunter, Charity Republic

When the Send button is selected, they will receive an email invitation to create a Charity Republic account.

Q: What does a Volunteer and Supervisor invitation look like?

When a volunteer has been invited to use Charity Republic, they will receive an email message as follows.

Volunteer email invitation text, Charity Republic

Both the subject line and the message will include the name of your organization (e.g. Happy Good Charity Centre).

The volunteer simply selects the Accept link to create a volunteer account with their own username and password.


A volunteer’s username appears in the General tab (first tab on left) of their volunteer profile.

Also, we can upload your volunteers for you. Simply fill out the excel template we provide and share it with us for uploading (it takes 5 minutes on our end)!

Q: How do I know if a Volunteer has accepted the invitation?

A:  Select a volunteer. At the bottom of the General tab (first tab on left), it will indicate whether the volunteer has accepted the invitation.

Volunteer has not accepted invitation, General Tab

Q: Can we just add a Volunteer without inviting them to use Charity Republic?
– What if a Volunteer does not have an email address?
– If we don’t invite the Volunteer, are we responsible for adding all of the Volunteer’s information?

A: It’s your choice as a coordinator whether to invite a volunteer to use Charity Republic or not. Perhaps some of your volunteers are not tech savvy, or you prefer to have full control over a volunteer’s profile.

There are several options for updating a volunteer’s profile if you prefer not to invite them to use Charity Republic:

  • We can bulk upload volunteers and relevant profile information for you. In case you need help uploading your existing volunteers into Charity Republic, we can share the Excel template with you.
  • Volunteers can update their profile information when they arrive for orientation (e.g. on a work computer)
  • A Volunteer Manager can request a volunteer to share the necessary profile information and it can be manually added to a volunteer’s profile

You also have the ability to invite a segment of your volunteers (e.g. youth, volunteers that are comfortable with technology). Either way, the Administrator and Supervisor will have access to all Volunteer Profile information for editing if required.

Q: What if my Volunteer does not have an email but I still want them to manage their own profile?

A: The Administrator or Supervisor can send the volunteer invitation to themselves and create an account for volunteers in this situation.

– Select the Save and Invite button Save and Invite button, Charity Republicin the volunteer’s profile (top right)
– Enter your email address and select Send
– You will receive an email invitation
– Accept the invitation and register as a volunteer

NOTE: Ensure that the Administrator or Supervisor is logged out of their account before “Accepting” the email invitation.  Otherwise, the volunteer will be linked to the Administrator or Supervisor account.

Q: What happens if my volunteer registers as an organization (Administrator) instead of as a volunteer?

A: When a volunteer registers as an organization, simply send your volunteer an invitation (see instructions above). The volunteer can then click on the link in the email invitation and instead of registering for another account, they can log in using the same username and password they originally created.

Q: What happens if my Volunteer or Supervisor did not receive the invitation?

A: It’s not common for email invitations to be marked as junk, but sometimes they can get caught through spam filters and go to Junk folders. Please have your volunteer double check their Junk folder. If there is a Search function in the volunteer’s email client, they can also search on “” to locate the email. Finally, a volunteer can add “” to a Safe Senders List so that it does not get blocked in the future.


Q: How do I schedule a shift?

A: Visit the Scheduling section Scheduling section

  1. Create a new shift by selecting thePlus symbolbutton (top right)
  2. Enter a Shift name (e.g. Front Desk Volunteers (Morning))
  3. Select the main Contact for this shift                                                                           NOTE: These contacts represent Administrators and Supervisors that were previously added.
  4. Enter the Start Date (DD/MM/YYYY) and Time of the shift
  5. Enter the End Date (DD/MM/YYYY) and Time of the shift
  6. Select Department / Program that the shift is affiliated with
  7. Select the Site for the shift                                                                                          NOTE: This information was added via the main Organization section
  8. Select Positions to be filled for the shift (e.g. enter 5 beside the Front Desk Volunteer position to indicate that 5 volunteers are required for the shift) and click Done when complete.                                                                                                NOTE: By selecting “Done”, this does not save the information entered. The Save button button must be selected to save the entire shift.                                                   NOTE: You can select more than one Position for a shift.
    NOTE: When all positions have been filled (e.g. 5 Front Desk volunteers), volunteers can no longer sign up for the shift.
  9. Select the Volunteers field to schedule specific volunteers and click Done when complete.                                                                                                                                   NOTE: You can filter and search for volunteers by Department and Site Filter Schedule by Department and Site                                                                  NOTE: You are not required to invite specific volunteers to a shift. By selecting a position and leaving the Volunteers field blank, any volunteer (assigned to the selected Department, Site or Position) can sign up for a shift. For example, if you indicated that you need 5 Front Desk volunteers for a particular day, then simply add 5 positions and do not invite specific volunteers for the shift.
  10. Enter a Description for the shift (e.g. specific duties required for the shift)
  11. Select the Save button button

Q: How do I schedule a recurring shift?

A: Enter shift details (above) then select the Recurring tab (left-side)

  1. Check off the “This event repeats:” box This event repeats
  2. Enter the number of days, weeks, months or years you would like the shift to repeat and indicate which days of the week you would like the shift to repeat Recurring shifts
  3. Enter the End Date (DD/MM/YYYY) for the recurring shift
  4. Check the box off if you would like the position requirements to apply to all recurring shifts (e.g. if you need 5 volunteers for a particular position and that requirements applies to current and future recurring shifts)  Include position requirements, Charity Republic
  5. Select the Save button button
  • Remember to edit the original shift if you want your scheduling changes to apply to all recurring shifts – select the Edit Original button Edit Original button, Charity Republic
  • When you update a recurring shift, it changes all future shifts (e.g. changing the details in the original recurring shift changes all recurring shifts details)
  • To remove recurring shifts,  click the Delete button in the top-right corner, and choose to either remove an individual shift or all future shifts
  • When you uncheck “This event repeats:” box in the Recurring tab, it does not impact recurring shifts and keeps the shifts that were originally scheduled.

Q: Once a shift has been saved, how do I know when volunteers have accepted the shift?

A: After Saving a shift, two new tabs will appear when you select the saved shift: Available PositionsPositionsand Scheduled Volunteers Scheduled Volunteers

Scheduled Volunteers Scheduled Volunteers
By selecting this tab, you can view which volunteers have accepted or declined a shift. You can Accept or Decline a shift on a volunteer’s behalf and Resend reminders prior to a shift.
Volunteers accepted shifts

Available PositionsPositions
By selecting this tab, you can view how many volunteers are needed, how many volunteers have been scheduled, and how many volunteers are confirmed for the shift, organized by position.
Position and volunteers needed in scheduling


Q: Can I edit or modify an existing shift once it’s been saved?

A. Yes, simply select the shift and edit the desired fields. Select Save button when done.

Q: Can volunteers sign up for a shift if they haven’t been invited to a specific shift?

Yes, you are not required to invite specific volunteers to a shift. By selecting a position and leaving the Volunteers field blank, any volunteer (assigned to the selected Department, Site or Position) can sign up for a shift. For example, if you indicated that you need 5 Front Desk volunteers for a particular day, then simply add 5 positions and do not invite specific volunteers for the shift.

NOTE: When all positions have been filled (e.g. 5 Front Desk volunteers), volunteers can no longer sign up for the shift.

Q: How do I filter the events on my schedule?

A: To find a specific shift or event, use the search bar or drop down menus at the top of the scheduling page. Choose to filter by Department or Site.

search options

Q: What’s the difference between scheduling in Charity Republic versus Excel?

A: Overall, the scheduling features in Charity Republic are much more powerful compared to Excel. For instance:

  • Excel is a spreadsheet that is not intended for scheduling;
  • A coordinator can’t send email invitations via Excel, but you can via Charity Republic;
  • Volunteers can access the schedule any time in real time in Charity Republic whereas they can’t in Excel;
  • Volunteers can sign up or decline shifts in real time via Charity Republic
  • Coordinators can set up recurring shifts in Charity Republic which is not possible in Excel;
  • Coordinators can link positions to the schedule, with all of the position requirements captured in Charity Republic (that’s not possible in Excel);
  • Availability for each volunteer is automatically integrated into scheduling (that’s not possible in Excel);
  • Coordinators and volunteers are able to view multiple schedules in one place (e.g. by site, by department, by day, by week) in real time (again, not possible in Excel).


Q: How does an organization or volunteer record hours?

A: An organization and volunteer can record hours via the Hours section (in a volunteer’s profile).

1. Select Hours iconHours(along top of volunteer’s profile)
2. Select Plus symbolsymbol (top right) to add hours
3. Select Position field
– This is the position the hours are affiliated with. Note: volunteers can have multiple positions within an organization.
4. Select the Type of hours to be recorded, either a Shift or Block of hours
– If a Shift, then record the date and specific times volunteered (Duration will be autocalculated)
– If a Block, then record the date range and number of hours volunteered (in the Duration field)
5. Enter a Description of the volunteer experience (unlimited space)
6. Record skills learned while volunteering in the Skills section (left-side)
7. Save Save buttonor Save and Submit Save and Submit hourshours and activities for approval. Note, when hours are submitted for approval, they are shared with the Supervisor of the position for approval via the Notifications section.

Q: What is the difference between a Shift and Block of hours?

A Shift represents hours volunteered on a particular day (e.g. 9am to 5pm on Monday).

A Block of hours represents hours volunteered over a period of days, weeks or months (e.g. 20 hours volunteered from May 1 to May 31).

Q: Is there a feature where a supervisor gets a notification to accept or decline hours?

A: Yes, volunteers can submit hours to Supervisors or Administrators for verification. Updates will appear in the notificationsNotifications section (top right) where hours and activities can be accepted or declined.

Published and Private Opportunities

 Q: What’s the difference between a Published, Public and Private volunteer opportunity

A: Public postings can be viewed by your volunteers and the public.

There are social sharing links for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram sharing

Also, there is a web link that you can share via social media and email, and it will take existing or potential volunteers to a public web page.

All of the social sharing links are available when you view available opportunities via the Dashboard or when you select the Save and Previewbutton to view the opportunity. ​

If Published is checked, that means that the opportunity is no longer in draft and that the posting is available for your volunteers to view. The date range is used to indicate when an opportunity is published and expires. If the date field is left blank, and Published is checked off, then the opportunity is indefinitely posted for your volunteers with no expiry date.

If Published is unchecked, this means that no one can view the opportunity, just you (and supervisors, depending on assigned access). If neither Published or Public are checked, then the opportunity remains in draft.

When Published, existing and potential volunteers can input their contact information to express interest in a volunteer opportunity. All entries will appear in the Applications tab of the Opportunities section. opportunity apply

Q: When coordinators post volunteer opportunities, is there a web link?

A: Yes, there is a web link that you can share via social media and email, and it will take existing or potential volunteers to a public web page.

There are also social sharing links for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram sharing

Q: Is the map of volunteer opportunities regional?

A: The map will show all volunteer opportunities based on the site address associated with the opportunity.

General Questions

Q: How does an organization register for an account?

A: Visit, select register or try it free to Register your organization. Enter the following details:

  • Organization: The formal name of your organization.
  • Name: First and Last Name of the main account administrator (e.g. person registering, Volunteer Manager’s name)
  • Email: The email address of the person registering.
  • Username: The username that will be used to access the account via the Login page.
  • Password: The password for the account.
  • Referral: How did you hear about us? Select referral source that applies.

Remember that you only need one organization account. You can invite volunteers and supervisors to join your organization from this main account.

 Q: By registering, am I committing to using the software?

A: There is no commitment to using Charity Republic. We offer 2 month free trials and organizations can choose to continue and pay month-to-month or on an annual basis after their trial is complete. Otherwise, organizations can discontinue use of the software after their trial. Note: We do not require credit card information in order for organizations to register for a free trial.

Q: What privacy and security measures does Charity Republic have in place

A: Charity Republic does not sell user data or advertise to users. We have an SSL certificate and our data is stored on a secure server. Note, we work with over 35 school boards and universities and we’ve been through multiple security reviews to ensure we meet privacy and security requirements.

Here are our User and Privacy agreements.

Q: Who qualifies as a grassroots organization?

A: Grassroots organizations receive our software for free for one year (after which the organization may qualify again). There are several types of grassroots organizations and the qualifications include:

  • Organizations that are completely volunteer driven
  • Organizations that have limited financial resources (less than $100K annually)
  • Organizations that are just starting out, like a “startup” charity

Note: We determine eligibility on a case-by-case basis.

Q: What is PREB-Ontario and how is it integrated with Charity Republic

A: Charities and non-profits can recognize volunteers for the skills they demonstrated while volunteering by creating PREB-Ontario certificates. These certificates outline tasks and activities in detail, based upon the National Occupation Classification, and also detail key aspects of a volunteer’s experience, such as hours of volunteering completed, activities performed, special achievements, training obtained and special comments by supervisors. PREB-Ontario is administered by the Ontario Volunteer Centre Network part of the Volunteer Legacy initiative from the Pan/Parapan Am Games and has been made possible through funding support from the Government of Ontario.