Incorporating Volunteer Opportunities from Other Software Programs

You can incorporate volunteer opportunities from other websites (e.g. a Volunteer Centre database that compiles volunteer opportunities from multiple charities and non-profits) under the Opportunity Sources tab on your organization page:

1. Log in as an Administrator.
2. Select your organization from the left sidebar (i.e. click on your organization’s name).
3. Select the Opportunity Sources tab
4. Click Add Source
5. Enter the information required to access your opportunities *
6. Click Save

Charity Republic fetches subscribed opportunities each hour.

* We currently support opportunities published through systems such as Volunteer Attract, and other compatible websites. Please contact us for information about the expected format for volunteer opportunities.

Organization ID
The ID associated with your organization in the system you are using (e.g. Volunteer Centre software that is used to aggregate volunteer opportunities).

The address where your opportunities can be retrieved.

The username required to access your opportunities.

The password required to access your opportunities.